About us

His words are as relevant as never today. We suppose that our main goal nowadays is not just to preserve, but to increase greatly those natural resources and human happy feelings which are so essential for everybody. Because all of these are our Real Life Assets.

Appreciate our life

Life has been the highest value for a single person and for all humanity at all times. Nowadays it’s especially important to remember this for us, people who live in the age of sophisticated technologies, because citizens who got used to modern gaining pace world need to remember and keep right moral concept of vital assets. We appreciate our life in all its manifestations.

The highest value

It’s so amazing to be able to recognize every wonder everyday life gives us: your friends’ happy sincere laughter, warm gentle eyes of your parents, scintillant snowflakes reflecting the bright sun, crystal light-blue water, green forests, fresh breath of wind...

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Our Projects

RLA Group Ltd

A Maltese holding company directly controlling the most valuable and important projects and companies of the Group to develop global strategy and maintain highest standards of operations.

RLA Limited, Cyprus

The oldest investment company of the Group engaged in portfolio investment operations on leading world financial markets.

RLA Properties Ltd

A Cyprus company engaged in management and operation of real estate and currently handling head quarter premises for the Group in the new outstanding Ksenos office center – www.ksenos.com.cy


Address Troodous street, 2 Office 202, KSenos Building, Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus, 4105

telephone +357 25 028 677

fax + 357 25 028 821

email info@rlagroup.com.cy